Published on May 19th, 2014

Question of the week revisited – 29 July 2013 – Moving from out of the area; Why Bega?

Why Bega? We are looking at having a tree change and moving away from Sydney (Canberra or Melbourne) but we are worried about work or that we won’t enjoy the country lifestyle or we will miss our old lifestyle too much.


Sometimes the hardest thing about making a move; especially a big one like a relocation from the city to the country; is making the decision in the first place to do it.


We are seeing a lot of potential buyers Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne at the moment. They all love the Far South Coast; the beautiful countryside; the beaches and proximity to the snow; the new hospital is a massive draw card as well. But in a lot of cases the fear of the unknown is holding them back.


They worry about finding work in Bega; even though the high pressure, high paid jobs in the city are slowly killing them. The hard thing to appreciate is you won’t need to be on the huge money you are on in the city to live comfortably in the Bega Valley. My sister is currently trying to buy a home in Sydney; she will end up with a massive mortgage and be tied to her good job for the next 20 years; she could buy three homes in Bega (and better than some of the places she is looking at) for the same money. Part of making the decision to move to the country is doing the sums and realizing that you won’t need to be earning as much money to have a better quality of life.


Trying to work out whether you will enjoy living in the country is a bit of a harder one to work out. Whilst I grew up in Bega, I did spend 7 years in Canberra and 3 in Sydney (in Surry Hills); I appreciate the benefits of living in one of our vibrant cities, but you don’t have to give that up when you move to the country.


Some of the things people worry they will miss out on when they move to the country are:


  • Food and dining – I admit being able to walk out the front door and fall into a great restaurant was one of the best things about living in Surry Hills – but we have some excellent restaurants and pubs in and around Bega that would rival the best Sydney has to offer. I have a list of excellent restaurants and cafes that I like to visit locally; I’d be happy to point you in the right direction.
  • Coffee – separate to dining is the need for a good coffee – don’t fret there are a number of cafes that have “discovered” the dark art of making a great coffee. From Cobargo, Bermagui, Bega, Tathra, Candelo and Merimbula be assured I will be able to get you a great caffeine fix
  • Culture – sure the big cities have big museums and art galleries – but how often did you ever visit? The local art community is very strong; the gallery in Bega often gets excellent travelling exhibits. And the local music scene is very strong as evidenced by the recent Candelo Festival.


The lifestyle you will enjoy in the Bega Valley is a lot quieter, relaxed and friendly than living in the big cities. Possibly the biggest change will be the time spent sitting in the car, completely stopped or slowly crawling towards work or home! People are amazed that a half hour commute down here will see you covering 40 – 50kms!


Now is the time to make the move, don’t let fear hold you back. 


Disclaimer: All thoughts are my own; you should undertake your own professional advice (legal, financial or astrological) before undertaking to purchase property


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