Published on July 5th, 2014


We have a genuine interest in improving our business and skills here at Elders Bega, David and Rod just returned from a weekend at the Australian Real Estate Conference where we saw a number of excellent salesmen and women talk about how they achieve great results for their clients.

Communication, ethical behavior and consistency were the buzz words to come out of the conference.

One interesting point that a number of the speakers raised was the idea that whilst we work for the vendor, we also have to have a good relationship with buyers to ensure we can get the best result for the vendor. This is often a skill that is hard to develop; I’m sure you have all come across salespeople that become too chummy with a buyer and ends up selling the property or product for less than the buyer was willing to pay. At the other end of the spectrum is the salesperson that costs the vendor a sale because they become hard line dictators with buyers, too slow to give information, failing to pick up on body language cues and ultimately turning the buyer off making an offer or progressing through the negotiation process.

One of the best ways we can learn and improve is by getting feedback from both buyers and sellers at the end of a sale.  You can see a collection of the testimonials we’ve received on our website here.

I’d just like to share our most recent testimonial from a young family that moved to the area.

“We appreciate an opportunity to say thank you to Rod. Not only did we find the whole process stress free, we also found Rod to be extremely dignified and respectful. If we were ever to make use of, or recommend an agent in the future, we would go straight to Rod. That is how satisfied we are, and how likable we found him to be. Regards Luke and Jodie”

The interesting thing about this sale, was after the inspection and some follow up clarifying some information about the property, Luke and Jodie made an offer at the full asking price!

We are proud of the hard work we do for our vendors, but we are also conscious that if we turn buying a home into a competition with “winners”and “losers” the only result will be upset people on both sides. We strongly believe that our knowledge of each property we have to sell, our willingness to follow up and get the answers the buyers need in a timely and respectful way, results in great outcomes for our vendors.


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